Standard Duty Tuff Curb

The Tuff Curb® is a robust, high-visibility traffic separator designed to enhance road safety. It’s made from durable injection-molded plastic, resistant to UV light, ozone, and hydrocarbons, and is lightweight for easy installation. Tuff Curb® is customizable for local conditions to maintain natural water drainage and comes in yellow and white, with integral coloration to resist fading. It’s compatible with … Read More

Standard Duty Shur-Curb

The MASH TL-3 Tested Shur-Curb® Traffic Separator is a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance road safety and manage traffic flow efficiently. It features the patented Shur-Flex® system, renowned for its durability to withstand multiple omnidirectional impacts. The product is constructed with a three-component design, allowing for quick and easy maintenance. It also includes a premium UV inhibitor ensuring long-lasting color … Read More

TM-AFAD | Trailer Mounted AFAD

The Horizon Signal Trailer-Mounted AFAD represents a significant advancement in traffic control technology, meticulously designed to meet the modern demands of the traffic control industry. Developed in collaboration with State DOTs, traffic control specialists, and end-users across the country, this system is the epitome of robustness, reliability, and quality in automated flagging. Key Features and Benefits: Industry-Leading Robust and Reliable … Read More

Flagger Mac | Truck Mounted AFAD

The Flagger-Mac Lite Automated Flagger (AFAD) is an ideal solution for short-term traffic management projects. Designed for ease of use and flexibility, it can be rapidly mounted on various types of trucks, making it perfect for a range of traffic control situations. Key Features and Benefits: Wireless Control for Easy Operation: Quick Mounting on Various Vehicles: Robust and Compact for … Read More

Flagger-Mac | Trailer Mounted AFAD

The Flagger-Mac trailer-mounted automated flagger (AFAD) is a remotely operated traffic management device designed to enhance safety and efficiency in work zones. This system is an ideal solution for keeping workers away from road hazards while efficiently controlling traffic flow. Key Features and Benefits: Remote Operation for Enhanced Safety: Innovative and User-Friendly Design: Solar-Powered with Intuitive Controls: Safe and Cost-Effective … Read More

TLD 1312 Portable Traffic Signal

The TLD-1312 Portable Traffic Signal presents a robust and maintenance-free system, well-suited for various traffic control scenarios, especially in work zone areas. This portable signal is designed to optimize traffic flow and enhance road safety, making it an invaluable tool in a range of traffic management contexts. Key Features and Benefits: Robust Design and Maintenance-Free Operation: Efficient Communication for Responsive … Read More

TLD-3612 G3 Portable Traffic Signal

The TLD-3612 G3 Portable Traffic Signal stands as a hallmark of advanced traffic control technology, offering a self-sufficient and maintenance-free solution. Ideal for diverse traffic management needs, this system is versatile enough to adapt to various configurations and contexts, making it an essential tool for efficient traffic control, especially in work zones. Key Features and Benefits: Autonomous Operation for Continuous … Read More

Driveway Assistance Device

The DAD (Driveway Assistance Device) is an innovative solution designed to improve safety and accessibility in driveway and property entrance scenarios. This device is tailored to assist drivers in safely entering or exiting driveways, particularly in areas with obstructed views or high traffic. Key Features and Benefits: Enhanced Visibility for Safe Entry and Exit: User-Friendly Operation: Adaptable to Various Environments: … Read More

SQ2 Portable Traffic Signal

The SQ2 Portable Traffic Signal is a versatile system designed for daily or short-term traffic control applications. It enhances work zone safety and maximizes traffic flow, making it an ideal choice for a variety of temporary traffic management scenarios. Fully compliant with NEMA TS-5 specifications for Type TR2 PTS, this system meets and exceeds the highest standards for portable traffic … Read More

SQ3TS Portable Traffic Signal

The SQ3TS Portable Traffic Signal is a state-of-the-art system designed for efficient traffic management, meeting and exceeding NEMA TS-5 specifications for Type TR1 PTS. This advanced signal system is ideal for a wide range of applications, offering flexibility, visibility, and compliance with the highest industry standards. Advanced Communication and Operation Modes: Efficient Setup and High Visibility: Enhanced Control and Power … Read More