Crosswalk Beacon | Single

Crosswalk Beacon | Single


This pedestrian-activated or remote-activated crosswalk beacon system offers a versatile solution for enhancing pedestrian safety across various settings, whether for temporary or permanent installation.

Ideal for Diverse Crosswalk Locations:

  • Perfect for mid-block or uncontrolled crosswalks, ensuring pedestrian safety in areas without traffic lights.
  • Suitable for attractions such as casinos and amusement parks, which experience heavy pedestrian traffic.
  • Essential for fire stations to ensure emergency vehicles can safely enter roadways.
  • Enhances safety in parking lots of shopping malls, industrial sites, and other areas with pedestrian traffic.
  • Aids pedestrian crossing near construction sites and areas with closed sidewalks.
  • Ideal for school campuses bustling with pedestrian activity.

Innovative Wireless Technology for Enhanced Safety:

  • The beacon system is self-contained with wireless technology, allowing each beacon to communicate across the street and up to a ½ mile with clear line-of-sight.
  • For crosswalks on curved roads or with higher speed limits, additional advance beacons can be installed to provide early warning to drivers.

Flexible Flash Pattern Options:

  • Comes with two flash pattern choices: the standard MUTCD pattern and the JSFT Strobe pattern.
  • The JSFT Strobe pattern is twice as effective at capturing drivers’ attention and uses half the power of the MUTCD pattern, making it more energy-efficient.

This crosswalk beacon system is a comprehensive solution for pedestrian safety, offering flexibility, high visibility, and efficient power usage, suitable for a wide range of pedestrian crossing scenarios.

Available Options:

Available Colors:


100-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz