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Image of quiet rail railroad.

Quiet Zones for At-Grade Railroad Crossings

RoadSafe is supplier of Pexco’s modular lane separation and median barrier system for at-grade railroad crossings. This supplemental safety measure improves safety conditions for motorists and pedestrians as well as the quality of life for residents and visitors.

Other applications for the FG 300 post include:

  • Cyclist and pedestrian pathways
  • Acceleration lanes
  • Left-Turn restrictions
  • Thru- lane protection in busy urban areas
  • Traffic calming, round-a-bouts & traffic circles
  • Airport taxiway work zone closures

Call one of RoadSafe’s experts today for information regarding Quiet Zones, a product demonstration and free estimate! Also, ask us about other applications including bike lane safety. 

Image of drive brite series radar sign.

Driver Feedback Speed Signs

Driver feedback signs are designed to increase driver speed awareness and roadway safety for residential communities, schools & educational corridors, hospitals, business parks, highway and road construction sites, military bases, police enforcement zones and just about anywhere speeding is a problem.

These feature-rich driver feedback signs are a proven solution that slows traffic and also aids state and local agencies in making informed planning and enforcement decisions based on timely access to collected data. The straightforward and license free sign management program is menu driven and comes with a pre-programmed and automatically generated set of reports which provides traffic engineers with an uncomplicated view of speed data statistics along with the option to download raw data for additional comparative analysis.


  • High contrast resolution LED design for day and nighttime visibility
  • In addition to speed limit display, ‘slow down’ text, smile/sad face emoticon and unique strobing features
  • Affordably priced
  • Actively encourages driver compliance to posted speeds
  • Smart data collection and download provides key insights for decision making
  • Easy to install and programmable through Bluetooth connectivity
  • Tough resistance to the elements—low maintenance

9” and 18” matrix signs available.