Speed Cushions


When response time is a concern and traffic calming is critical, discover how speed cushions, tailored for effective road safety management, are distinguished from traditional speed humps in several key ways:

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Highly Visible Reflective Markers: These markers ensure clear visibility at night, enhancing safety under all lighting conditions.
  • Engineered for Traffic Calming: Specifically designed to slow down traffic without hindering emergency response vehicles.
  • Durability: Made to resist fading and cracking, maintaining their integrity over time even in harsh weather conditions.
  • Flexible Use: Can be easily removed, stored, or relocated, making them ideal for various settings and temporary needs.

Differences Between Speed Cushions and Speed Humps:

  • Design and Functionality: Speed cushions are typically narrower than speed humps and come with gaps that allow emergency vehicles (like fire trucks and ambulances) to pass over them without slowing down significantly. This design minimizes the delay for emergency responses compared to wider speed humps, which affect all vehicles uniformly.
  • Impact on Traffic: While both are designed to reduce vehicle speeds, speed cushions are more targeted in slowing down specific lanes of traffic, allowing other vehicles (especially those with wider axles like emergency vehicles) to pass with less disruption.
  • Installation Flexibility: Speed cushions can be modular and more adaptable for different road widths, offering more flexibility in installation and reconfiguration than speed humps, which are usually more permanent.

Our speed cushions offer an innovative solution for managing vehicle speeds while supporting community and pedestrian safety, ideal for areas like residential streets, school zones, and hospital routes where safety and emergency response times are crucial.

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