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High / Low VOC Traffic Paint

High / Low VOC Traffic Paint


Solvent-based traffic Paint, classified as High VOC or Low VOC, is engineered for superior performance in a variety of traffic marking applications. This versatile paint applies easily even at lower ambient temperatures, making it an ideal choice for extending the painting season into the colder “shoulder” months.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Fast Drying: The paint dries to no pickup in 10 minutes or less when applied at 15 mils, ensuring quick return to service in high-traffic areas.
  • Durability: Specifically formulated to withstand harsh weather conditions, maintaining its integrity and appearance with fewer touch-ups required.
  • Vibrant Visibility: Provides highly visible markings, crucial for safety and effective traffic guidance, especially in low-light conditions.
  • Versatility in Application: Can be applied with or without glass beads, offering flexibility depending on the requirements for reflectivity.
  • Low-Temperature Application: Effective application at temperatures as low as 40°F allows for road markings during colder months, extending the operational season.

Recommended Applications:

  • Highways and Motorways: Ideal for quick application and drying, minimizing traffic disruption.
  • Parking Lots: Perfect for demarcating spaces and directing traffic flow in commercial and residential areas.
  • Airport Runways and Taxiways: Ensures clear and visible markings essential for the safety of air operations.

Solvent-Based Traffic Paint is a reliable choice for projects that require quick, effective, and durable road markings in varying temperatures and conditions.

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