Graco LineLazer 5900


Enhance your line striping capabilities with the Graco LineLazer V 5900, the perfect tool for professional striping contractors who tackle medium to large scale projects such as parking lots, roads, and sports fields. Building on the features of the LineLazer V 3900, the 5900 model offers additional power and advanced technology to handle more demanding jobs.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Dual Comfort Guns: The 5900 includes dual comfort guns, allowing for longer periods of use without fatigue, crucial for extensive projects.
  • SmartControl 3.0 System: Advanced control system ensures even higher precision in line quality across a range of materials and speeds, providing consistent performance.
  • LiveLook Display with J-Log System: Integrated display tracks job data in real-time, including line thickness and paint consumption, enabling better project management and documentation.
  • Honda GX Engine: Powered by a robust Honda GX engine, the LineLazer V 5900 provides increased horsepower, ensuring consistent performance even under tough conditions.
  • EasyMark Gun Adjustment System: Like the 3900, this system features guide marks for quick and accurate settings adjustment, maintaining high efficiency and reducing setup time.

Differences from LineLazer V 3900:

While both models share some core functionalities, the 5900 stands out due to its enhanced engine performance and advanced data monitoring features, making it suitable for larger and more complex jobs. The SmartControl 3.0 and LiveLook Display with J-Log systems exclusively available on the 5900 offer superior control and operational insights, providing significant advantages in productivity and tracking.

For contractors aiming for efficiency and precision in high-demand striping applications, the Graco LineLazer V 5900 offers the additional power and advanced features needed to complete projects to the highest standards.

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