TLD-3612 G3 Portable Traffic Signal

TLD-3612 G3 Portable Traffic Signal

December 8, 2023

The TLD-3612 G3 Portable Traffic Signal stands as a hallmark of advanced traffic control technology, offering a self-sufficient and maintenance-free solution. Ideal for diverse traffic management needs, this system is versatile enough to adapt to various configurations and contexts, making it an essential tool for efficient traffic control, especially in work zones.

Key Features and Benefits:

Autonomous Operation for Continuous Traffic Management:

  • Designed for autonomous functionality, it requires minimal manual intervention, ensuring consistent traffic control.
  • Its maintenance-free nature guarantees long-term reliability without the need for regular upkeep.

Efficient Transport and Quick Deployment:

  • Equipped with a hydraulic lift mechanism, allowing for quick and easy adjustment of signal heads.
  • The capability for tandem towing enhances its portability, facilitating simple transportation and rapid deployment.

Intuitive Control with Advanced Remote Management:

  • It comes with a user-friendly V-Touch TLD Controller, streamlining the operation and setup of traffic signals.
  • Incorporates JamLogic remote management software, enabling effective monitoring and control from a distance.

Robust Communication for Reliable Control:

  • Features a high-performance radio communication system to ensure strong and stable signal transmission for uninterrupted traffic management.

The TLD-3612 G3 Portable Traffic Signal is an innovative solution for managing traffic flows smoothly and safely, particularly around work zones. Its advanced technology, ease of transportation, and remote management capabilities position it as a leading choice in portable traffic control systems.