Low Profile Airport Barricade

Low Profile Airport Barricade


Low Profile Interlocking Barricades offer superior design and versatility for managing traffic in airport areas. This 8-foot-long barricade system is engineered for stability, visibility, and ease of use.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Dimensions and Design: Each barricade measures 10 inches high with a connected length of 88 inches. The interlocking design features connectors molded directly into the barricade, eliminating the need for separate pins and allowing units to pivot between 90° and 180° for flexible configuration.
  • Durability: Constructed with enhanced wall thickness at the bottom and molded reinforcing ribs, these barricades are built to last and withstand harsh conditions. The 7° angled sidewall not only adds strength but also improves visibility.
  • Visibility and Compliance: The barricades accommodate 70”L x 6”H striped sheeting and are compliant with FAA Advisory Circular No. AC150/5370-2G, making them suitable for airport use. They are also FOD-free, ensuring no foreign object debris to maintain safety.
  • Lighting and Signage Options: Accepts two styles of lights—360° round, screw-on airport lights, and standard barricade, bolt-on lights. Additionally, two flag mounts enhance the functionality and visibility of the barricade.
  • Storage and Transportation: These barricades are stackable, with stacking lugs to prevent sliding, making transportation and storage highly efficient. Recessed areas at the bottom facilitate easy forklift access.

Available Options: