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TAU-M Partially Reusable Crash Cushion

TAU-M Partially Reusable Crash Cushion

The TAU-M Crash Cushion is a state-of-the-art safety system crafted in line with the latest MASH crash testing standards to secure hazardous roadside installations effectively.

Advanced Design for Maximum Safety: The TAU-M Crash Cushion is a Redirective, Non-Gating barrier system that fulfills the stringent requirements of MASH TL-3 and TL-2. Its innovative, partially reusable design offers a practical solution for various roadway applications.

Versatile Applications: Suitable for both concrete and asphalt surfaces, the TAU-M is engineered to safeguard hazards up to 30 inches wide, providing a protective shield for a range of roadside and median dangers.

Efficient Installation and Repair: Designed with the user in mind, the TAU-M system allows for quick and effortless installation. Its on-site repair capabilities ensure minimal downtime, while the array of transition options affords flexibility to accommodate different scenarios.

TAU-M System Benefits:

  • Meets the latest MASH TL-3 and TL-2 testing requirements.
  • Compact and partially reusable design for cost-effectiveness.
  • Adaptable for use with concrete and asphalt applications.
  • Capable of shielding roadside and median hazards up to 30 inches (760 mm) in width.
  • Simplified installation process and rapid on-site repairs.
  • Multiple transition options for diverse hazard protection.
  • Available as an upgrade kit for retrofitting existing NCHRP 350 TAU-II Systems to MASH-compliant TAU-M Systems.

The TAU-M Crash Cushion combines ease of use, quick repairability, and versatile applications.

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