Arrow Board | 25 Light

Arrow Boards

The ST-4825 stands out as a solar-powered trailer-mounted arrow board, equipped with 25 LED lamps, offering a broad array of display options for versatile traffic management. It is an ideal solution for effectively guiding vehicular traffic and enhancing safety in work zones.

Wide Range of Display Options:

  • Features 25 bright LED lamps, providing clear and visible traffic signals in various conditions.
  • The solar-powered design ensures consistent operation without the need for external power sources.

User-Friendly and Portable Design:

  • The central mast of the ST-4825 has been redesigned for ease of deployment, transportation, and storage.
  • This user-centric design allows for quick setup and breakdown, making it ideal for varying traffic control needs.

Cost-Effective and Durable:

  • With low operating costs and a robust construction, the ST-4825 offers long-term reliability and is a cost-effective choice for managing work zones.

Smart Technology Integration (Optional):

  • The ST-4825 can be upgraded to a smart arrow board, providing enhanced capabilities for traffic management.
  • When converted, it connects to JamLogic, enabling direct communication of lane closures to motorists through navigation systems.
  • The smart arrow board can also relay work zone information to government agencies, enhancing coordination and safety.

The ST-4825 is a versatile, efficient, and reliable solution for traffic guidance, suitable for a wide range of work zone scenarios, with the added option of smart technology for more advanced traffic management needs.


Available Options:


Smart Work Zone