Arrow Boards

Arrow Board | 15 Light

Arrow Board | 15 Light

Versatile LED Lighting System with Smart Technology

15-Li8ght Trailer Mounted Arrow Boards combine efficient illumination with a user-friendly design. It’s an ideal solution for enhancing visibility and safety in work zones. The system’s central mast has been thoughtfully redesigned for ease of deployment, transportation, and storage, ensuring that it is robust and convenient to handle.

Efficient and Cost-Effective Operation:

  • Low operating costs and a durable design make 15-Light an economical choice for securing work zones.
  • The LED lamps provide bright and reliable lighting, suitable for a variety of applications.

Smart Arrow Board Conversion Option:

  • This system offers an optional upgrade to a smart arrow board, integrating it with cutting-edge technology.
  • The ability to convey work zone information to government agencies and other entities enhances overall safety and coordination.

Smart Work Zone System

This product can be a component of a Smart Work Zone system, designed to enhance safety and efficiency in construction and roadwork areas. By incorporating advanced technologies such as real-time monitoring, dynamic messaging, and automated incident detection, it ensures that work zones operate smoothly and safely. Click to see other products that contribute to creating a comprehensive Smart Work Zone system, helping to reduce congestion, minimize delays, and protect both workers and drivers.

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