Black Based Cones

Channelizing Devices

Discover unmatched road safety with our advanced Road Safety Cone. Our patented Leveling Differential system locks the vibrant orange cone to its recycled base, removing any separation risk. Expect multiple benefits from our product:

  1. See Clearly: Our cones use 3M 3340 Flexible Reflective cone collar sheeting for incredible visibility, even in dim conditions.
  2. Trust the Durability: We craft these cones with precise injection molding, eliminating white liner and fading issues. They’re built to last.
  3. Go Green: We construct the black base entirely from recycled materials, showcasing our dedication to the environment.
  4. Handle with Ease: Ths design introduced an indented handle, simplifying cone pick-up and transportation.
  5. Avoid Stickiness: We’ve cleverly designed a non-stick section in the cone, preventing sticking in any weather.
  6. Protect the Sheeting: Our collared cones have recessed areas, shielding the sheeting from potential harm.
  7. Stay Vibrant: Thanks to UV stabilization, our cones retain their bright orange hue for an impressively long duration, ensuring consistent visibility and safety.

Choose our innovative Road Safety Cone to advance road safety. It’s the top pick for professionals, contractors, and safety enthusiasts. Rely on our patented and environmentally-friendly design for lasting results


Available Options:


Available Collar Weights:
No Collar
5 lb. 
7 lb. 
10 lb.