Sequential Barricade Lights

Sequential Barricade Lights


Sequential Barricade Lights provide an innovative and highly effective solution for managing traffic flow into and through work zones. Designed to create a visual “runway,” these lights guide drivers safely around lane closures and through construction areas with their sequential flashing pattern.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Enhanced Visibility: The sequential flash pattern helps drivers quickly identify the distance and direction of lane closures without ambiguity, even at high speeds.
  • Guidance and Safety: Acting as “Follow Me” lamps, these lights offer clear guidance, helping drivers navigate safely past lane changes, equipment, and personnel.
  • Dynamic Visual Aid: Unlike static cones that can blend into a uniform wall, these lights provide depth of field and dynamic guidance, making them much more effective at maintaining orderly traffic flow.
  • Depth of Field: The active, sequentially flashing lamps help create a perception of depth, allowing drivers to judge distances better and reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Multiple Styles: Available as a Type A/C or Type B Lamp. Meets MUTCD & ITE Specifications and is NCHRP-350 approved
  • Smart Work Zone Cloud Connectivity: No programming or pre-numbering is required.

Ideal for use in busy traffic zones or large-scale road works, Sequential Barricade Lights ensure greater safety and a smoother flow of traffic, guiding vehicles clearly and effectively through potentially hazardous areas.

Available Options:

Available Colors:

Alkaline Battery

Smart Work Zone