Raised Pavement Markers

Paint & Thermoplastics

Raised Pavement Markers (RPMs) and Halftracks are designed as long-term, temporary road markers, suitable for a wide range of road types, from low-volume roads to interstate highways. These markers are crucial for providing clear, consistent guidance to motorists day and night and are particularly effective in 2-way, 2-lane detour operations.

Optimized Visibility for Driver Safety:

  • High visibility at extended distances allows drivers more time to see, think, and react, especially in hazardous work zones.
  • The importance of brightness increases with the age of drivers, making these markers especially beneficial for ensuring safety in work zones.

Critical for Night Driving in Work Zones:

  • Night driving, particularly in work zones, poses significant risks. RPMs and Halftracks address this challenge with cube-corner micro prism reflectors, making them three times brighter than standard pavement markers.
  • In wet conditions, these raised pavement markers maintain visibility, outperforming paint and tape that can be obscured by water.

RPMs and Halftracks are essential for delineating lanes clearly and effectively in various driving conditions, contributing significantly to safer work zones and enhanced road safety overall.


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