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Single Spring 4 Leg Sign Stand

Single Spring 4 Leg Sign Stand


Single Spring Sign Stands are engineered to perform reliably in areas prone to high winds. This series is part of our nationwide distribution of traffic control solutions designed to meet the needs of diverse environments.

Building on the trusted features of our standard sign stands, the Single Spring Series includes enhanced wind resistance, providing extra stability for your signage needs. These stands are available in two types of sign holders: the traditional latch bracket for plastic corner pocket signs and the Universal Sign Holder, which is perfect for sewn corner pockets and compatible with roll-up signs from various manufacturers.

Additionally, RoadSafe provides a Rigid Sign Adapter with each stand in this series. This ingenious adapter allows the conversion of the stand to support a 36″ x 36″ rigid sign, offering versatility and convenience. The installation is straightforward—simply insert the custom latch bracket into the stand, and it locks securely into place.

Choose the Single Spring Sign Stand for dependable performance in even the most challenging wind conditions, backed by our commitment to quality and nationwide availability.

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