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SCI Reusable Crash Cushion

SCI Reusable Crash Cushion

The Smart Cushion Innovation (SCI) Attenuator is designed to shield hazards in permanent applications. This attenuator is a staple in providing road safety, engineered to fulfill the stringent criteria of NCHRP Report 350 for TL-2 and TL-3 levels and meet MASH standards.

Versatile Installation: Whether it’s for median or roadside barriers, the SCI Attenuator is versatile enough to be installed as a permanent feature or within temporary construction zones. Its patented design is prepared to reduce the severity of collisions involving various vehicle sizes.

Engineered for Safety and Sustainability: Aimed at ensuring the well-being of motorists, the SCI system is applicable for both low and high-speed environments. It is designed to provide safety while prioritizing reusability and minimal environmental impact.

Built to Last: The SCI Attenuator stands out for its exceptional durability. It is constructed to maintain its integrity before, during, and after an impact, offering reliable performance across a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions.

Ease of Maintenance: With a design that requires a limited number of spare parts for repairs, the SCI Attenuator is cost-effective and easy to maintain, ensuring that it can be swiftly restored to full operational status with minimal downtime.

For secure, lasting protection against roadway hazards, the Smart Cushion Innovation (SCI) Attenuator from RoadSafe is your solution. We provide products that stand the test of time and deliver peace of mind on the road.

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