Variable Message Signs

Variable Message Sign | Mid Size Full Matrix

Variable Message Sign | Mid Size Full Matrix

High-Contrast Mid-Size Full-Matrix Variable Message Sign (VMS)

Mid-size Full Matrix Variable Message Signs (VMS) or Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) are specifically designed for highway work zones, featuring a high-contrast full-matrix display. This sophisticated display technology significantly enhances the visibility and effectiveness of the text, making it an indispensable tool for traffic management and safety.

Versatile Display for Highway Communication:

The mid-size full-matrix display supports a broad array of messaging options, ensuring versatility in communication. The high-contrast visuals ensure that messages are clear and easily discernible from a distance, even in varying lighting conditions. This mid-size option is particularly well-suited for urban and suburban areas where larger signs might be too obtrusive, as well as for events and smaller road projects that require high mobility and easier setup.

Sturdy, Remote-Operated Design:

These signs are built to endure the challenging conditions of highway environments, with a sturdy, trailer-mounted construction. The remote operation functionality increases worker safety by enabling message changes from a distance, minimizing the need for physical interaction with the sign.

Eco-Friendly and User-Friendly Setup:

Operating on solar power, these signs offer sustainable functionality, reducing both environmental impact and operational costs. Their design facilitates easy setup and deployment, making them practical for a variety of work zone locations.

Long-Term Value and Efficiency:

Combining durable construction, minimal maintenance requirements, and solar-powered efficiency, these mid-size VMS provide an excellent return on investment. They are reliable, long-term solutions for managing traffic and enhancing road safety in highway work zones, especially in areas where space and visibility are balanced needs.

Mid Size Full Matric Message boards are available in 96″ 91″ widths

Smart Work Zone System

This product can be a component of a Smart Work Zone system, designed to enhance safety and efficiency in construction and roadwork areas. By incorporating advanced technologies such as real-time monitoring, dynamic messaging, and automated incident detection, it ensures that work zones operate smoothly and safely. Click to see other products that contribute to creating a comprehensive Smart Work Zone system, helping to reduce congestion, minimize delays, and protect both workers and drivers.

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Smart Work Zone
Video Surveillance
Waze Integration