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Fast Dry Traffic Paint

Fast Dry Traffic Paint


Fast Dry Traffic Paint is an innovative, high solids waterborne acrylic paint designed for rapid application and environmental sustainability. Ideal for both airless and conventional air-atomized striping equipment, this paint is a user-friendly solution, formulated specifically for roadway and airfield use.

Environmentally Conscious: This traffic paint is developed with worker safety and environmental friendliness in mind, providing a responsible option for traffic marking.

Quick Drying for Minimal Disruption: It is engineered to dry to a no-track condition in 2 minutes or less under standard conditions at 15 wet mils, significantly minimizing the need for traffic control during restriping operations.

Adaptable for Various Equipment: Suitable for a range of striping machines, Fast Dry Traffic Paint ensures a seamless and efficient application process, making it a versatile choice for different marking requirements.

Optimal Reflectivity: When combined with proper bead gradation and adhesion coating, this traffic paint yields excellent retroreflectivity, enhancing nighttime visibility and safety.

Compliant with Specifications: Available to meet diverse state and federal specifications, including TT-P-1952E type I & II, Fast Dry Traffic Paint is adaptable for various project needs and regulatory standards.

Fast Dry Traffic Paint is the optimal choice for projects that demand quick, eco-friendly, and effective road and airfield striping solutions.

Available Options:

Available Colors:
lime green
dark green
sky blue
navy blue