Crosswalk Beacon | Double


This pole-top mounted flashing beacon system, featuring back-to-back lights, is an innovative solution for creating bi-directional pedestrian crossings. Alternatively, the beacons can be positioned side-by-side to focus attention in a single direction, increasing visibility and safety.

Versatile for Various Locations:

  • Ideal for mid-block or uncontrolled crosswalks, providing clear signaling to both pedestrians and drivers.
  • Suitable for areas near attractions like casinos and amusement parks, managing heavy pedestrian traffic efficiently.
  • Crucial for fire stations, helping emergency vehicles safely enter roadways.
  • Enhances pedestrian safety in parking lots of shopping centers, industrial sites, and similar areas.
  • Aids safe crossing in construction zones and around closed sidewalks.
  • Perfect for school campuses where pedestrian traffic is high.

Diverse Flash Pattern Options for Maximum Visibility:

  • The beacons offer four flash pattern options: MUTCD, Wig-Wag, JSFT Strobe, and JSFT Strobe Wig-Wag.
  • The JSFT Strobe patterns are particularly effective, capturing drivers’ attention twice as effectively as standard patterns while consuming half the power.

These bi-directional pole-top mounted flashing beacons are designed to maximize pedestrian safety across a range of scenarios, offering high visibility and efficient power usage, making them ideal for a variety of crosswalk applications.


Available Options:

Available Colors:


100-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz