Balloon Lighting | 700 W


This 700 W balloon lighting system, emitting 99,000 lumens, is ideal for extensive area illumination, suitable for both open spaces and safety-critical areas.

Broad Coverage for Large Areas:

  • Illuminates 22,157 ft² at 0.5 fc for general lighting and 1,527 ft² at 10 fc for focused lighting needs.
  • Provides 542 lux (50 fc) of light below the balloon, placed at 13 feet.

Natural Daylight Quality and Portable Design:

  • Emits a 5,000 K daylight color temperature.
  • Balloon size of 45 inches in diameter and 25 inches in height, with an adjustable stand up to 18 feet.
  • Lightweight design at 18 lbs, complete with a transport bag for easy relocation.

Safety and Efficiency:

  • Conforms to international safety standards including IEC-60598-1, CE, and IP54.
  • Made with flame-retardant materials and features an internal reflector to enhance light distribution.
  • Equipped with a high-efficiency LED matrix and a lifespan of 50,000 hours.
  • Compatible with 100-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz power sources or a 2.0 kVA generator.
  • Includes Bluetooth control and a wide mesh network range.

Ideal for diverse lighting applications, this system offers high-efficiency illumination in a portable and durable package.


Available Options:

100-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz
2.0 kVA Generator