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Graco 25U680 LineLazer V ES 2000 HP Automatic Series Battery-Powered Airless Line Striper, 2 Auto Guns

Graco 25U680 LineLazer V ES 2000 HP Automatic Series Battery-Powered Airless Line Striper, 2 Auto Guns


The LineLazer V ES 2000 HP Automatic Series with 2 Auto Guns is designed to transform the way road striping is done. Combining fume-free and vibration-free technology with powerful performance, this series is perfectly suited for extensive outdoor road striping projects as well as indoor applications.

Advanced Striping Capabilities:

  • Equipped with automatic features for efficient road line production, including skip-lines.
  • Real-time job performance data available, vital for fulfilling proof-of-job requirements in road projects.

Cutting-Edge Battery Technology:

  • New Lithium Batteries offer significant improvements in recharges, weight, and runtime.
  • Bluetooth-enabled for convenient monitoring via a smartphone app.
  • A comprehensive 3-year warranty supports long-term use.

Efficient and Versatile Power Options:

  • Features an onboard 120V Inverter/Charger for straightforward charging.
  • Can operate on 120V wall power, ideal for stationary road striping tasks.

Automatic Paint Gun System:

  • Automates the striping of skip-lines, enhancing road marking efficiency.
  • Reduces operator fatigue with easy push-button operation.
  • Quality solenoid-driven system ensures precise and consistent line quality.

Auto-Layout II:

  • Streamlines the layout process for parking lots and road marking.
  • SmartControl technology eliminates the need for manual measuring, reducing layout time.

LiveLook Display with SmartControl:

  • Provides crucial striping information at a glance.
  • Features the J-Log System with USB download for easy access to job data.
  • Consistent spray pressure guarantees perfect road lines every time.

Robust Motor and Drive System:

  • Maintenance-free design with a MaxPower DC Motor & Advantage Drive.
  • Ensures quiet operation, improving the working environment on roads.

EasyMark Gun Adjustment System:

  • Simplifies gun adjustments for optimal road line alignment.
  • Supports 2-gun operations for diverse striping needs.

EZ Align Wheel System:

  • Ensures accurate striping on roads with simple wheel alignment.

Additional Features for Road Striping:

  • DualComfort Handlebar System for ease of use.
  • Endurance Chromex Pump for lasting performance.
  • LazerGuide 1700 for precise start/stop operation.
  • QuikSelect Gun Selector and Easy Out Pump Filter for operational efficiency.

The LineLazer V ES 2000 HP Automatic Series is the ultimate choice for professional-grade road striping, offering advanced technology and features that deliver exceptional results in road marking projects.

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