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Qwick Kurb Lane Seperator

Qwick Kurb Lane Seperator

QWICK KURB® Traffic Lane Separator is the professional-grade choice for sophisticated traffic management. When combined with panel or bollard-style markers, this top-tier system meets the stringent MASH TL-3 Longitudinal Channelizer standards, offering unparalleled performance and safety.

The separator features superior curb elements that interlock seamlessly, emulating the strength and permanence of a concrete barrier wall. This robust connection ensures that the elements withstand the rigors of intense work zones and tight medians. The integration of a heavy-duty hook directly into the element fortifies the system laterally, providing a secure connection that outlasts the harshest conditions.

Designed for professional applications, the QWICK KURB® system boasts a two-tier profile that maintains curbing position even when overrun by vehicles. This advanced design accommodates installation on curves with a minimum diameter of 38 feet and is offered in high-visibility yellow or white.

Professional-Grade Features of the QWICK KURB® Traffic Lane Separator:

  • MASH TL-3 approved for maximum safety and compliance.
  • Durable interlocking design that mimics the solidity of concrete barriers.
  • Only two anchor holes required per section, ensuring a steadfast installation with minimal intrusion.
  • A reliable two-tier profile that prevents vehicle vaulting upon high-speed impact.
  • Multiple anchoring options tailored to the needs of any professional application.
  • Innovative water drainage methods, including molded rubber feet and optional end curbs for enhanced runoff management.

The QWICK KURB® Traffic Lane Separator is the professional’s choice, guaranteeing a premium, long-lasting channelizing solution. With its pro-grade construction, easy installation, and minimal maintenance requirements, RoadSafe elevates roadway safety to new heights, ensuring that your investment in traffic management is both sound and sustainable.

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