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Truck Mounted Arrow Board | 15 Light

Truck Mounted Arrow Board | 15 Light

Compact Vehicle-Mounted Arrow Board: Efficient Traffic Guidance

This vehicle-mounted arrow board, available in large (48″x96″), medium (36″x72″), and small (30″x60″) sizes, is an efficient solution for diverse traffic control needs. Equipped with 15 high-powered LED lamps, it offers clear and versatile arrow configurations suitable for a variety of work zone applications.

Versatile Display and Configuration:

  • Features a compact display with 15 LEDs, capable of showing different arrow configurations for directing traffic.
  • Available in three sizes to cater to different vehicle types and traffic control requirements.

Modular and User-Friendly Installation:

  • Designed with a modular setup, it easily adapts to various work zone vehicles.
  • Its user-friendly installation system ensures quick and hassle-free mounting.

Durable and Efficient Operation:

  • Solar-powered for sustainable and uninterrupted operation.
  • Stable and wind-resistant, ensuring reliable performance in diverse weather conditions.
  • Operated via touchscreen, enhancing efficiency and ease of use.

Smart Technology Upgrade (Optional):

  • This arrow board can be upgraded to integrate smart technology.
  • When converted into a smart arrow board, it connects to traffic management systems like JamLogic.
  • Capable of communicating lane closures directly to motorists via navigation systems and relaying work zone information to government agencies for improved coordination and safety.

This compact vehicle-mounted arrow board is a versatile, eco-friendly, and efficient solution for managing traffic in work zones, offering optional smart technology integration for advanced traffic control.

Smart Work Zone System

This product can be a component of a Smart Work Zone system, designed to enhance safety and efficiency in construction and roadwork areas. By incorporating advanced technologies such as real-time monitoring, dynamic messaging, and automated incident detection, it ensures that work zones operate smoothly and safely. Click to see other products that contribute to creating a comprehensive Smart Work Zone system, helping to reduce congestion, minimize delays, and protect both workers and drivers.

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