Temporary Pavement Marking Tape

Paint & Thermoplastics

Reflective pavement marking tape is designed to maintain high visibility in wet and dry conditions. This product is ideal for work zones, offering durability throughout the typical lifespan of temporary traffic control setups.

Superior Reflectivity: Engineered with advanced technologies and high-performance materials, this tape provides exceptional retroreflectivity, significantly enhancing motorist safety in challenging work zones.

Durability and Immediate Use: Not only is this tape durable for the normal duration of work zone projects, but its pressure-sensitive adhesive also allows for easy application without the need for a separate surface preparation adhesive. Roads can be opened to traffic immediately after application.

Clean Removal: This tape is designed to be removed cleanly, leaving no residual markings or scarring on the pavement, and includes a reinforcing net for facilitated removal.

Advanced Construction for All-Weather Performance:

  • Offers impressive initial dry retroreflectivity and maintains performance in wet conditions.
  • Utilizes a polyurethane topcoat for enhanced durability and bead adhesion, ensuring longer-lasting retroreflectivity.
  • Features a raised pattern profile, providing better nighttime reflectivity and increased durability compared to flat materials.
  • Incorporates a blend of high-index microcrystalline ceramic beads, optimizing light reflection back to drivers in various weather conditions.
  • Demonstrates acid resistance, protecting the beads from weather-related deterioration.

Practical and Efficient Installation:

  • The tape’s aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive negates the need for a primer, reducing installation costs and time.
  • A built-in durable reinforcing net minimizes tearing, simplifying the removal process.

Designed specifically for construction work zones where removability is essential, this reflective pavement marking tape combines ease of application with robust, all-weather performance, making it a superior choice for ensuring safety and visibility on the road.


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