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SLED Anchorless Crash Cushion

SLED Anchorless Crash Cushion

RoadSafe is the proud distributor of the Sentry Longitudinal Energy Dissipater (SLED), a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance road safety. The SLED is a MASH Tested, Passed, and Eligible crash cushion that boasts a narrow, water-filled design, serving as a non-redirective crash cushion.

Versatile Barrier Compatibility: The SLED is engineered to seamlessly shield the ends of various barrier types, including permanent and temporary portable barriers made from concrete, steel, and plastic. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of safety applications.

Innovative Safety Features: With its unique design, the SLED incorporates four internal steel cables that help to envelop the impacting vehicle. This critical feature aims to reduce the likelihood of secondary accidents, providing an additional layer of safety.

Installation Efficiency: One of the SLED’s key advantages is its ease of installation. It does not require foundation anchoring, allowing for quick setup by as few as two workers, and is compatible with various surfaces, including compacted dirt and concrete.

Durable Construction: Each module of the SLED is crafted from high-visibility yellow polyethylene, UV stabilized to resist degradation. Designed to deform and rupture on impact, the SLED effectively absorbs the energy of errant vehicles.

Universal Transition and Contouring: The SLED End Treatment accommodates barriers of different shapes and sizes, with the ability to attach to profiles with varying angles, enhancing its adaptability.

Specifications Tailored to Safety Levels: The SLED is available in specifications for TL-1, TL-2, and TL-3, each designed to meet safety requirements at different speed ratings, ensuring the right fit for various traffic conditions.

Compact and Practical: With a narrow footprint, the SLED is particularly well-suited for work zones or areas with limited shoulder space. Its stout design helps prevent vaulting, and its length as a TL-3 water-filled crash cushion is optimized to reduce incidental impacts.

Enhanced Post-Impact Safety: The SLED’s containment impact design minimizes debris fields, and visual indicators assist in confirming that water modules are correctly filled.

Bi-Directional Functionality: Accepted for use in both uni- and bi-directional applications, the SLED’s internal steel cables contribute to creating a limited gating system post-impact.

For advanced protection that is both effective and efficient, choose the Sentry Longitudinal Energy Dissipater (SLED) from RoadSafe, your trusted partner in roadway safety solutions.

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