Scorpion II Trailer TMA


The Scorpion II Towable Attenuator is a safety device designed for ease of use and effective impact management. With minimal modification required for the host vehicle, this towable attenuator connects quickly via a standard pintle hook and a robust steel frame plate, ensuring a hassle-free setup.

Streamlined Installation: The Scorpion II Towable Attenuator is distinguished by its straightforward attachment process, allowing for rapid deployment on various support vehicles.

Progressive Impact Attenuation: Upon impact, the Scorpion II’s modular design strategically collapses in stages, helping to safeguard vehicle occupants by reducing the forces transmitted during a collision. This thoughtful engineering can lead to lower repair costs and facilitate the replacement of parts.

Enhanced Stability: Positioned to optimize stability, the rear axle placement of the Scorpion II TA mitigates the risk of the attenuator “bottoming out” on uneven surfaces, contributing to a steady and reliable performance.

Compact and Comprehensive Safety: At a total length of only 17′ 10″, the Scorpion II TA boasts a design that’s not only the most compact on the market but also includes an integrated electric brake system for additional safety in case of separation or hitch failure.

Advanced Warning System: Equipped with omnivolt LED lighting, the Scorpion II enhances driver awareness with clear brake, directional, signal, and running lights.

Versatile Vehicle Compatibility: Suitable for use with support vehicles of a minimum curb weight of 12,000 lbs and with no upper weight limit, the Scorpion II TA is as versatile as it is robust.

Telescoping Anti-Rotational System (TARS™): The innovative TARS™ minimizes rotational forces during angled impacts, ensuring the attenuator remains attached to the host vehicle, enhancing safety during critical moments.

Full-Width Impact Protection: The corrosion-resistant aluminum side rails offer comprehensive protection, redirecting vehicles away from hazardous areas and contributing to overall roadside safety.

MASH Tested and Eligible: Proudly standing as the world’s first and only MASH Tested, Passed, and Eligible Towable Attenuator for TL-3 applications, the Scorpion II TA is suitable for a variety of road safety scenarios, with or without display panels or message boards.

Smart Work Zone System

This product can be a component of a Smart Work Zone system, designed to enhance safety and efficiency in construction and roadwork areas. By incorporating advanced technologies such as real-time monitoring, dynamic messaging, and automated incident detection, it ensures that work zones operate smoothly and safely. Click to see other products that contribute to creating a comprehensive Smart Work Zone system, helping to reduce congestion, minimize delays, and protect both workers and drivers.

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