Scorpion II TMA


The Scorpion II TMA is a trusted truck-mounted attenuator with a history of performance and reliability. With over 17 years in service, the Scorpion II TMA’s patented design is a testament to its role in saving lives worldwide.

Advanced Safety Features: The Scorpion II TMA features a combination of struts and cartridges mounted on a support frame, creating a structure that intelligently absorbs energy upon impact. Its aluminum honeycomb core and durable, powder-coated modules are designed for maximum longevity.

Efficient Design: The open design of the cartridges offers reduced wind resistance, which can lead to improved fuel efficiency both on-site and at highway speeds. Additionally, the Scorpion II TMA’s omnivolt LED lighting system enhances visibility and safety with advanced warning signals for drivers.

Impact Management: In the event of a collision, the Scorpion’s modular design progressively crushes to diminish the forces exerted on vehicle occupants, leading to potential reductions in repair costs and facilitating easier part replacement.

Side-Angle Protection: The curved, corrosion-resistant aluminum side rails of the Scorpion II TMA provide full-width impact protection and are engineered to redirect impacting vehicles away from hazardous “coffin corners” at the rear of the truck.

Compact Deployment: The Scorpion II TMA offers the shortest length in its class when fully deployed, minimizing incidental impacts and associated costs while upholding the highest safety standards.

Broad Compatibility: MASH Tested and Eligible, the Scorpion II TMA is compatible with a wide range of truck weights, boasting the most extensive range for any MASH Tested and Eligible TMA.

Innovative Braking System: Compatible with the Doctor Air Brake® system, the Scorpion II TMA ensures automatic and immediate braking upon impact, providing an additional layer of protection for everyone in the vicinity.

Choose the Scorpion II TMA from RoadSafe for unparalleled safety and reliability on the job site, backed by a history of performance and innovative design.

Smart Work Zone System

This product can be a component of a Smart Work Zone system, designed to enhance safety and efficiency in construction and roadwork areas. By incorporating advanced technologies such as real-time monitoring, dynamic messaging, and automated incident detection, it ensures that work zones operate smoothly and safely. Click to see other products that contribute to creating a comprehensive Smart Work Zone system, helping to reduce congestion, minimize delays, and protect both workers and drivers.

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