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Delineator Posts

RoadSafe is pleased to offer the Flexi-Guide® FG 400 & 500 Series Flexible Roadside Delineator Posts, an essential safety feature for today’s roadways. These delineators are made in the USA and are engineered for maximum visibility and resilience. Suitable for all weather conditions, they offer bright reflective sheeting mounted at the driver’s eye level, ensuring clarity of the road’s edge, day or night.

Designed to minimize the risk of traffic incidents, Flexi-Guide® posts are strategically placed at critical points such as curves, intersections, and ramps. Their high-performance construction incorporates recycled polymers, making them a sustainable choice without compromising on quality. The FG 400 & 500 posts have been field-tested since 1989, proving their durability and resistance to UV damage across a variety of environments nationwide.

The FG 400 & 500 series stand out for their ability to endure multiple high-speed impacts. Their unique profile designs—double curve for the FG 400 and single curve for the FG 500—offer enhanced protection of the reflective sheeting and provide better visual guidance. These posts can be customized in length, color, and message decals to meet specific needs.

Our delineator posts are versatile, designed to meet nationwide specifications, and come with a choice of engineering grade, high intensity, or super high intensity reflective sheeting. They can be ordered with various anchor systems and are easy to install, even by drivers, thanks to their driver-friendly design.

At RoadSafe, we’re dedicated to providing products that ensure safety while also being conscious of the environment. The Flexi-Guide® FG 400 & 500 series delineator posts are not just a smart choice for road safety; they are also a “green” choice, helping to reduce maintenance costs over time.

For more technical details, custom orders, or additional information, please contact our sales team or visit our website for downloadable CAD drawings and specifications. Choose RoadSafe for reliable, sustainable, and highly visible roadside safety solutions.


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