Paint Supplies


Explore a comprehensive selection of Traffic Paint Supplies, ideal for anyone involved in construction, road maintenance, or utility projects. These supplies are essential for achieving high efficiency and accuracy in marking and labeling tasks.

Product Categories:

  • Chalk and Chalk Lines: Perfect for temporary markings, available in various colors to meet different surface and visibility requirements. Chalk lines allow for precise and straight line creation, crucial for layout accuracy.
  • Lumber Crayons: Designed for marking on wood, concrete, and other rough materials, these crayons are weather-resistant, ensuring that markings remain visible under all conditions.
  • Paint Strainers: Important for smooth paint application, these strainers remove impurities from paint, preventing equipment clogs and ensuring even finishes.
  • Marking Paints: Available in multiple colors and formulas, suitable for clearly marking roads, parking lots, and industrial areas, ensuring durable adherence to various surfaces.
  • Measuring Wheels: Essential for projects that require exact distance measurements, these wheels are robust and easy to use, providing quick and accurate measurements on diverse terrains.

RoadSafe stocks these Traffic Paint Supplies, available for local pickup or super-fast delivery, ensuring you have quick access to the tools you need for your projects. These supplies are selected for their performance and ease of use, enhancing productivity and safety on the job.

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