Ground Mount Delineator Posts

Delineator Posts

Flexi-Guide FG 300 Ground Mount delineator posts are not just flexible; they set new performance standards in the industry with their unique design and material.

The FG 300 Flexible delineator post, coupled with a ground mount anchor, features a unique polyurethane connector joining the tubular marker to its square steel tubular anchor. This connection is engineered to absorb tremendous impacts while keeping the post upright and operational, a quality validated by rigorous testing on the NTPEP US National Test Deck.

The distinct clover leaf design of the FG 300 offers exceptional built-in rebound and a large surface area for reflectivity, crucial for maintaining high visibility in all weather conditions. These posts effectively delineate road edges with bright reflective sheeting at a driver’s eye level, significantly reducing the risk of accidents, especially in critical areas like winding roads, intersections, and ramps.

Combining the innovative geometry with Polyurethane, an extremely durable engineering polymer, results in a delineator post that is not only tough but also rebounds sharply upon impact. This modular system, which includes a permanent anchor and a replaceable upright post, is designed for convenience and ease of installation, driving down maintenance costs while elevating visibility and safety.

RoadSafe is committed to distributing environmentally friendly products, and the FG 300 post is no exception, being produced using post-consumer recycled materials. For more information or to obtain CAD drawings and specifications, contact RoadSafe’s sales representatives in your area.


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Available Colors:
lime green
dark green
sky blue