Delineator Posts

Ground Mount Delineator Posts

Ground Mount Delineator Posts


Ground Mount delineator posts feature a cutting-edge design and materials, setting industry performance standards.

These delineator posts use a polyurethane connector to join the marker to its steel anchor, absorbing significant impacts while maintaining upright functionality. Tested rigorously, they prove durable under stress.

The posts boast a clover leaf design enhancing rebound and reflectivity. Positioned to align with a driver’s eye level, they offer high visibility, critical for reducing accidents on winding roads, intersections, and ramps.

Constructed from durable Polyurethane and designed with innovative geometry, these posts rebound sharply upon impact. The system includes a permanent anchor and a replaceable post, simplifying installation and reducing maintenance costs.

Available Options:

Available Colors:
lime green
dark green
sky blue