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Flat Top Ground Mount Posts

Flat Top Ground Mount Posts


RoadSafe is proud to offer the FTGM Series delineators, the general-purpose solution for clear and effective roadway delineation that adheres to the highest standards. Designed to meet the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) standards, these delineators are rigorously tested and meet the Standard NTPEP Test protocol, ensuring reliable performance.

The FTGM Series is the ideal delineator for roadway shoulders, providing a reusable steel anchor point for easy replacement if needed. Each delineator is a 2 3/8” diameter post and comes as a complete kit, including the delineator, hinge, and base, ensuring you have everything required for a straightforward setup.

Key Features of the FTGM Series:

  • Compliance with MUTCD standards for assured quality and performance.
  • 180° flat visibility on the FTSM model for enhanced safety.
  • Durable all-plastic construction to withstand various environmental conditions.
  • Tested to NTPEP protocol and compliant with NCHRP 350 and MASH-16 for peace of mind.
  • An 18” steel ground anchor for secure installation.
  • Simple installation and replacement process for minimal downtime.

Our standard offering includes colors such as White, Yellow, and Orange, with special order colors available upon request, subject to a minimum order. The standard length of these delineators is 48” tall, providing optimal visibility. For the reflective tape, we offer any standard flexible tape from major manufacturers, with configurations being separate line items added to the delineator pricing.

Choose RoadSafe’s FTGM Series for a reliable, standard-compliant, and easy-to-install delineation solution that ensures your roadway shoulders are marked safely and visibly.

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