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Compact Roll-Up 4 Leg Sign Stand

Compact Roll-Up 4 Leg Sign Stand


Compact Roll-Up Sign Stands revolutionize portability and efficiency in traffic signage. These stands are designed to be compact for easy transport and storage in tight spaces, ensuring that you can move quickly from one project to the next without any hassle.

With a Four-leg design, these stands offer a tip-proof structure and securely hold both 36″ x 36″ and 48″ x 48″ roll-up signs. Their stability is achieved without the need for heavy springs or cumbersome masts, making them an ideal choice for a variety of conditions. Every component of the sign stand is easily replaceable, ensuring long-term serviceability and cost-effectiveness.

Detailed with a complete parts list for convenience, these stands are not only user-friendly but also designed with the future in mind—any part that wears down can be readily ordered and replaced, minimizing downtime.

Available for distribution nationwide, the RoadSafe Compact Sign Stand Series is the smart choice for traffic control professionals looking for durability, portability, and ease of use across any location in the country.

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