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ABSORB-M Anchorless Crash Cushion

ABSORB-M Anchorless Crash Cushion

RoadSafe proudly distributes the ABSORB-M crash cushion in Pennsylvania, a non-redirective system that stands out for its ease of deployment and compact design. This MASH-compliant crash cushion is the preferred choice for contractors needing a quick-to-deploy safety solution in work zones without the need for ground anchoring.

Compact Design for Tight Spaces: With a width of just 24 inches, the ABSORB-M fits perfectly in narrow spaces where the road and workspace are at a premium. It is designed to shield hazards up to 42 inches tall, offering versatility in application.

Efficient and Versatile: The system features interchangeable elements that nest for reduced inventory needs. The universal transition design simplifies installation, saving time and reducing complexity.

ABSORB-M Key Features:

  • Installation and relocation are straightforward, with no ground anchoring.
  • Boasts the shortest length in its category for a MASH TL-3 rated unanchored, non-redirective impact cushion.
  • Easy to manage due to its short length, facilitating transport, handling, and storage.
  • Designed for easy lifting, even when full, through integrated forklift ports.
  • A minimal number of parts makes inventory management of spares more manageable.
  • Offers universal compatibility with various barrier types.
  • Applicable to both anchored and unanchored barriers, adding to its flexibility.
  • Its narrow footprint allows for deployment in constrained areas.
  • Suitable for almost any road surface, enhancing its adaptability.
  • Free of internal steel components, permitting the use of any type of antifreeze liquid for added convenience.

For a work zone-ready impact protection solution that combines ease of use with efficient design, look to the ABSORB-M Crash Cushion – your streamlined choice for maintaining safety in diverse roadway conditions.

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