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Truck Mounted Attenuators

  • Truck Mounted Attenuators


Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMA) are ideal for use in high speed lane closures or mobile operations where workers are most vulnerable.

RoadSafe’s low-profile TMAs have an open tubular design to minimize wind resistance and drag allowing for safe travel. The hydraulic system allows the TMA cartridge to be partially raised for maximum roadway clearance and maneuverability. TMAs crush in progressive stages upon impact absorbing much of the energy of crashes. TMAs provide protection for roadway workers and traveling motorists as well as reducing collateral damage to other vehicles. With the TMA’s durable construction and heavy duty tubular side rails, incidental back-up or turning damage is minimized. The unique curved design redirects side angle impacts away from the exposed corner of the truck.

This TMA is NCHRP 350 tested and approved.

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