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State DOTs and Local Agencies

HSG-3A-1024x524The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) supports State and local governments in the design, construction and maintenance of our Nation’s highway system. RoadSafe’s highly skilled and dependable workforce fully understands the standards and specifications for each state and local jurisdiction in which we work, delivering quality products and services safely and on time.

RoadSafe works with State Departments of Transportation either indirectly as a subcontractor in temporary traffic control and protection services and/or directly as a pre-qualified contractor providing pavement marking/removal services and sign manufacturing/installation services. Contact your local branch office to discuss your job requirements.


RoadSafe also works extensively with municipalities, townships and counties as they can have unique requirements due to the high volume of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. RoadSafe can be a one-stop shop in providing solutions to guide motorists as they navigate local roads and urban/rural intersections. As an example, driver feedback signs are designed to increase driver speed awareness and roadway safety anywhere speeding is a problem. Be sure to check out RoadSafe’s vast selection of work zone safety and personal protective equipment from leading manufacturers.

Call or email your local representative for more product information.

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