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ZoneBloc TL-3 Concrete Barrier

ZoneBloc TL-3 Concrete Barrier

Introducing the innovative ZoneBloc TL-3 Concrete Barrier, a robust solution designed for enhanced safety and efficiency in traffic and pedestrian management during construction or event scenarios. This advanced barrier system offers distinct advantages over traditional concrete barriers, making it a superior choice for modern road safety needs.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Enhanced Safety Design: The ZoneBloc™ is engineered with a unique interlocking system that allows each unit to connect securely, forming a continuous barrier that effectively contains vehicles upon impact. The narrow footprint combined with 44 in deflection at TL-3 speeds results in a compact working width of only 63 inches. This feature improves safety by minimizing the chances of vehicle penetration or redirection into the work zone or public areas.
  • Easy and Rapid Deployment: 280 feet of ZoneBloc Barrier can be hauled on a single truck. And unlike traditional concrete barriers, which are heavy and require specialized equipment for placement, the ZoneBloc™ is designed for quick and easy deployment with no loose parts to lose. This reduces setup and removal time significantly, enhancing efficiency on-site.
  • Versatility: The ZoneBloc™ is suitable for a variety of applications, from delineating construction zones on highways to managing crowds at large public events. Its modular design allows for flexible configurations tailored to specific site requirements.
  • Durability and Stability: Made from high-quality concrete, ZoneBloc™ barriers are extremely durable and stable under various environmental conditions. Their robust construction ensures long-lasting performance, resisting wear and tear from heavy traffic and harsh weather. Rubber pads are also used to contact areas to protect the road surface.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: With its longer lifespan and reduced maintenance requirements compared to traditional barriers, the ZoneBloc™ offers a cost-effective solution for long-term projects or recurring events, providing excellent value for investment.

How It Differs from Traditional Concrete Barriers:

The ZoneBloc™ stands out by offering superior interlocking capabilities, which enhance the structural integrity and safety of the barrier system. Additionally, its lighter weight and ease of installation allow for more rapid deployment and reconfiguration, which is not typically feasible with conventional concrete barriers.

Ideal for urban planners, construction site managers, and event organizers, the ZoneBloc™ Concrete Barrier delivers exceptional performance and reliability, ensuring safety while maintaining traffic flow and protecting pedestrians.

  • Length – 472″
  • Width – 12″
  • Height – 32″
  • Weight – 6,614 LB
  • TL-3 Deflection – 44″
  • Working Width – 63″
  • Max Truckload – 280 feet

ZoneBlock Concrete Barrier is also available as a low-deflection system and TL-5 barrier.

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