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Channelizing Devices

RoadSafe is your trusted distributor for the TSM Series channelizers, an array of general-purpose channelizers crafted to adhere to the stringent MUTCD standards while easily surpassing the Standard NTPEP Test protocol. These channelizers are perfectly suited for urban settings, parking structures, and any location where roadway safety is paramount.

The TSM Series channelizers are available in multiple lengths and colors, featuring a 2 3/8” diameter post for prominent visibility. The versatility in design allows these products to be a go-to choice for a variety of safety applications.

Key Features of the TSM Series:

  • Compliance with MUTCD standards to ensure quality and effectiveness.
  • Unmatched 360° visibility on the TSM model, offering clear guidance from any direction.
  • 180° flat visibility on the FTSM model, providing strong directional cues.
  • Robust all-plastic construction for long-term durability.
  • NTPEP protocol tested and certified to NCHRP 350 and MASH-16 standards for reliability in safety.
  • An 8” round high-impact black plastic base for stable placement.
  • The kit includes the channelizer, hinge, and base for a complete setup.

Standard colors for the TSM Series include White, Yellow, and Orange, with special order colors available upon request, subject to minimum order quantities. The channelizers are offered in standard lengths of 36” or 48”, ensuring that they meet various application needs.

For reflectivity, any standard flexible tape from the major manufacturers can be utilized, with tape configurations being additional options added to the channelizer’s pricing.

RoadSafe’s TSM Series channelizers are designed for those who demand the best in roadway safety. Easy to install, durable, and highly visible, these channelizers are an essential part of traffic management and safety infrastructure.


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