Revolutionary Work Zone Product – Zoneguard® Expands to Additional RoadSafe Locations

Revolutionary Work Zone Product – Zoneguard® Expands to Additional RoadSafe Locations

November 8, 2018

RoadSafe Traffic Systems, the nation’s largest provider of traffic control and pavement marking services, announced today that the Zoneguard® portable steel barrier has been added to its list of sales and rental offerings. Zoneguard® is a revolutionary steel barrier system that provides superior protection for both workers and motorists. RoadSafe is now the exclusive distributor of Zoneguard® in fourteen states and will have the inventory and resources to support the entire country.

Doug Nury is RoadSafe’s Vice President for the Mid-Atlantic Region. With over 8 years of Zoneguard® experience, he noted, “This is a formidable undertaking. The manufacturer chose RoadSafe because of our history and expertise with the system in Pennsylvania, our organizational depth, and our national footprint. We will be able to mobilize equipment and resources wherever they are needed. Zoneguard is a great solution for our customers in roadway construction who are looking for quicker set-ups and superior protection. Given our infrastructure needs throughout the country, bridge contractors and engineers see a significant benefit with a lighter weight barrier system on bridge decks requiring rehabilitation.”

Zoneguard® is durable. Manufactured by Hill & Smith, the Zoneguard® system is made of galvanized steel. It withstands nuisance impacts and regular movements with little to no visible wear compared to temporary concrete barrier.

Zoneguard® is lightweight. One of the largest expenses when utilizing concrete barrier is trucking. Zoneguard’s design allows for 750 linear feet to be hauled on one flatbed trailer—Compare that to 90-120 linear feet of concrete barrier hauled on one truck.

Zoneguard® is easy to install. Saving time during the installation process 1) reduces labor costs 2) speeds up project completion and 3) reduces exposure to time to live traffic. Zoneguard’s connections slide together to make installation simple, 1,500 linear feet can be installed in one hour!

Zoneguard® is crash tested. Its rigid cross-section and low center of gravity create deflections which are safer for vehicle occupants. To more effectively protect workers behind the barrier, minimum deflection standards only require pinning every 33’4”. Zoneguard® has been extensively tested and is MASH accepted by the Federal Highway Administration.

According to Tony Cappella, Business Development Director for Hill & Smith Inc., “The Zoneguard business has grown significantly in 10 years. We are excited about our partnership with RoadSafe as it will provide the needed support for the product’s growing demand.”