LED Enhanced Signs

LED Enhanced Signs


Permanent LED Signage

LED-enhanced signs offer a significant advantage in increasing visibility and driver awareness, particularly in environments that demand high attention such as school zones, heavy traffic areas, and accident-prone locations. These signs are available with LEDs in amber, red, or white, ensuring they are conspicuous under different conditions and suitable for various applications.

Key features of LED-enhanced signs include:

  • Energy Efficiency: They can be powered by solar energy or AC power, making them adaptable to various installation environments and conditions.
  • Durability and Safety: These signs are housed in weather-resistant enclosures, ensuring they can withstand adverse weather conditions.
  • Compliance and Customization: The signs meet the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) standards and offer various activation methods to suit specific needs.

The applications of LED-enhanced signs are diverse, encompassing:

  • Pedestrian crossings and school zones, where enhanced visibility can significantly improve safety.
  • New or temporary traffic management areas such as construction sites.
  • Dangerous curves, intersections with high rates of incidents, and poorly lit areas where enhanced signage can prevent accidents.

These features make LED-enhanced signs a versatile and essential safety tool in managing public and private spaces effectively, ensuring that critical signs are seen and adhered to by drivers and pedestrians alike.

Handheld LED STOP/SLOW Paddle – The Ultimate Flagger Safety Tool

Maximize safety for your flaggers with a Dual LED STOPSLOW Paddle. Combining sturdy construction with high-visibility features, these paddles are designed to capture drivers’ attention from a distance, affording them ample time to respond to changing road conditions in work zones.

Built to Last: Made from durable ABS material, our LED STOPSLOW Paddles endure the rigors of road work, resisting impact and weather. Available in 18-inch and 24-inch sizes, they fit the needs of any job site.

Enhanced Visibility Options: Choose from several reflective sheeting options to ensure high visibility day or night. The bright, alternating flashing LED lights are not just conspicuous; they’re a beacon of safety, grabbing drivers’ attention as early as possible.

Flexible Handling: Adapt to the situation with our 2-part PVC staff, featuring a 12-inch handle and your choice of a 60 or 72-inch staff for elevated visibility, or opt for a non-retractable 60-inch staff for a sturdy, reliable presence.

Energy Efficient: Powered by 3 C-Batteries (not included), these paddles are designed for long-lasting performance, minimizing the need for frequent battery changes.

Available Options: