Big Sandy Non-Redirective Crash Cushion

Crash Cushions | Temporary

RoadSafe is proud to offer the Big Sandy® Sand Barrel System, designed to aid in the protection of roadside hazards. This system is thoroughly tested to align with the recognized standards of NCHRP 350, TL-3 and is suitable for use on projects that follow MASH TL-3 guidelines.

Strategically Engineered: The Big Sandy® features barrels filled with sand, purposed to act as a crash cushion in the event of an impact. The design focuses on reducing the risk associated with vehicle interactions, prioritizing the safety of vehicle occupants and work zone personnel.

Functional Design: With the intention to simplify use, the Big Sandy® System is designed without internal hardware like shelves or cone inserts to minimize sand leakage and to streamline weight adjustment. The barrels include a molded-in fill line to aid in achieving the correct sand weight.

Durability for Temporary Setups: Emphasizing durability and form retention, each barrel aims to provide a stable and secure fit for its lid. The system is crafted for ease of movement and servicing, suitable for the dynamic nature of temporary work zones.

Tailored for Work Zones: The Big Sandy® Sand Barrel System is especially ideal for temporary applications. Its ease of deployment and adaptability to different road conditions make it a practical choice for creating safer work zone environments.

Access to Expertise: RoadSafe’s nationwide team of experts is readily available to offer support and respond to questions regarding the use of the Big Sandy® Sand Barrel System in various temporary road safety scenarios.

RoadSafe is dedicated to contributing to the safety of work zones and other temporary road setups with the Big Sandy® Sand Barrel System, reflecting our commitment to supporting road safety initiatives.


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