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Sand Barrel Non-Redirective Crash Cushions

Sand Barrel Non-Redirective Crash Cushions

RoadSafe proudly offers Sand Barrel Array Systems designed to enhance roadside hazard protection. These systems comply with NCHRP 350, TL-3 and MASH TL-3 guidelines.

Strategically Engineered: Sand-filled barrels act as crash cushions, enhancing safety for vehicle occupants and work zone personnel.

Functional Design: The system’s design eliminates internal hardware, reducing sand leakage and simplifying weight adjustments. Each barrel features a fill line for accurate sand loading.

Durability for Temporary Setups: Designed for stability, each barrel ensures easy lid attachment, facilitating movement and maintenance in dynamic work zones.

Tailored for Work Zones: Ideal for temporary setups, this system quickly deploys and adapts to varying road conditions, enhancing work zone safety.

Expert Support Available: RoadSafe’s team of experts offers support and provides insights on using the Sand Barrel Array Systems in various temporary road scenarios.

RoadSafe commits to enhancing work zone safety with these effective and adaptable systems.

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