Standard Dry Traffic Paint

Paint & Thermoplastics

Standard Dry Traffic Paint is an eco-friendly, user-friendly option for diverse traffic marking needs. This low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) traffic paint is non-flammable, making it a safe and responsible choice for various marking projects.

Environmentally Safe Formula: The low VOC content minimizes environmental impact, while its non-flammable nature enhances safety during application.

Easy Water Cleanup: The paint is designed for ease of use, with water reduction and cleanup capabilities that simplify the process and reduce the reliance on harsh chemicals.

Excellent Application Quality: Standard Dry Traffic Paint ensures smooth, even coverage with excellent atomization and application characteristics. It dries to a durable, abrasion-resistant finish, suitable for use in temperatures of 50°F and above.

Suitable for Various Surfaces: Ideal for curbs, parking lots, and both interior and exterior concrete and asphalt surfaces, this traffic paint is adaptable for use with smaller airless and conventional striping equipment.

Asphalt-Friendly: The paint is formulated to prevent asphalt “curling,” a common issue with rapid-dry formulas, maintaining the integrity of the road surface.

Industry Standards Compliance: It meets the color and performance requirements of TT-P-1952B, aligning with industry standards for traffic safety and pavement marking materials.

Standard Dry Traffic Paint is a top choice for projects that demand high-quality, environmentally friendly, and versatile road markings.


Available Options:

Available Colors:
lime green
dark green
sky blue
navy blue