Low Temp Paint

Paint & Thermoplastics

Low Temperature Traffic Paint is specially formulated for use in cooler conditions, making it an ideal solution for road marking in early spring until late fall. This fast-drying waterborne traffic paint is designed to perform efficiently at temperatures as low as 35°F, providing a versatile option for various climate conditions.

Extended Application Season: With its specialized formula, Low Temperature Traffic Paint can be used in colder months, extending the road marking season and eliminating the need to switch to solvent systems in cooler climates.

Environmentally Friendly and Safe: This traffic paint reduces hazardous waste and minimizes exposure to chemicals, making it a safer choice for both workers and the environment.

Quick Drying for Efficiency: It dries to a “no track” condition in less than 10 minutes at temperatures of 35°F and rising, ensuring minimal disruption to traffic and faster completion of road marking projects.

Low Temperature Traffic Paint is the go-to choice for effective, fast-drying road marking in cooler weather conditions, offering reliability and environmental safety.


Available Options:

Available Colors:
lime green
dark green
sky blue
navy blue