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Local Government Agencies

Municipalities, townships and counties have unique requirements due to the high volume of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. With the recent increases in bicyclists on our roadways, there’s a growing need on the part of local agencies to plan for proper bike lanes in both urban and rural areas. Frequent stopping and starting, congested intersections, busy crosswalks and reduced-speed school zones, all mean that the motoring public needs to be alert.

From highly reflective channelizers, flexible delineators, pavement marking products and signage, to traffic calming devices, RoadSafe can be your one-stop shop to guide motorists as they navigate local roads. Check out our mountable raised curb systems for Quiet Zones to ensure motorist safety around at-grade railroad crossings, or curb and post systems for bike lanes and confusing intersections. We also offer ANSI II and III reflective safety garments for your own crews as they handle routine maintenance on city, township or county roads.

RoadSafe supplies products from leading manufacturers who strive for innovation, quality and value aimed to increase safety on our roadways.

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