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Mountable Raised Curb System

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  • Median separation system that provides efficient and cost-effective channelization of traffic
  • One-piece curb system is an FHWA-approved passive traffic control device consisting of modular raised curb sections mountable by emergency vehicles
  • Flexible upright posts are the toughest channelizer posts on the market
  • Easy installation and maintenance

Multiple applications for the mountable raised curb system

  • Freeway Median Separator
  • Rail-Highway “Quiet Zone” Crossings
  • Acceleration Lanes
  • Left-Turn Restrictions
  • Through Lane Protection in busy urban areas
  • Work Zone 2-way, 2-lane separation
  • Traffic Calming, Round-a-Bouts & Traffic Circles
  • Airport taxiway work zone closures
  • Bike and Pedestrian Lanes

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